Total Manufacturing solution
for plastic, rubber molds and parts


About Us

RiLong Precision Mold Company was established in 1990 in Shenzhen, as an original supplier of high precision plastic injection parts, that were mainly exported to the US and Japan.With ten years of accumulation, precipitation and continuous improvements, in 2000 we expanded our facilities and capabilities, covering an area of 11.000 square meters, for manufacturing both plastic molds and injection parts in house. In 2006 we set up our rubber factory in Dong guan...

Core service

Our mold designers adopt advanced design software, such as Auto CAD, Solidworks, MasterCAM etc, to perfectly embody customers concept into the product structure design. Tool DFM& Mould flow analysis are very essential and helpful to avoid potential manufacturing defects and get innovative products to market faster.
The application of mold flow analysis can meet the needs of different product development and design. Through high-speed carving and cutting (24000rpm), precision mirror discharge, high-precision wire cutting process technology, combined with 3D CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine), high-precision, high quality molds are manufactured.
This sleeve part is very thin, its thickness is only 0.64mm, actually it will be very hard to ensure its filling, but our engineering team has full experience in making these so thin parts, they would design the mould structure to perfectly embody the customer’s part design into the goods. Before fabricating, they would make mold flow& tool DFM for verifying all the design details, to make sure the filling is good.
RiLong company is globally recognized as Overmolding, Insert Molding and Two Color professional Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer that produces components featuring a high degree of difficulty. We use our creative methods of manufacturing, advanced processes and experience to produce your most complex products to the highest standards. Also we provide precision components and value added services to leading companies throughout the world.
Twin-shot mold can use two kinds of plastic materials in the same injection molding machine, forming two times, but the products are only molded once. This molding process is also called double injection molding, using a specialized double-color injection molding machine and one set of mold to complete two kinds of material injection. 
We have many years experience specializing in manufacturing of silicone rubber, plastic, and metal composite products. We can provide high precision, high quality composite products such as medical equipment keypads and related parts, security equipment components, and consumer electronics components.
Silicone over-mold injection molding process involves two steps wherein a completed plastic or metal entity is placed into the mold site of an LSR mold, after which the LSR is over-molded directly onto the part.
We can provide our customer “one-stop service” solution from initial design to final assembled products.Equipped with capability of whole device assembly, providing a complete manufacturing solution according to client’s requirements. After parts manufacturing, the customers only need to do the core assembly before shipping the final product to their customer. It would save time and make production of the final product easier.

Additional Services

Our design engineering team adopt advanced design software, such as Auto CAD, Solid works, Master CAM etc, to perfectly embody customers concept into the product structure design. After conquering all sorts of technology difficulties time and time again, marvellous product structure designs are offered to customers.
We’re committed to providing clean, defect-free parts for clients throughout the world. From our custom facilities-we build these parts with some of the most sophisticated automation in the plastic&rubber industry.
RiLong can provide the customer with the total manufacturing solutions and one-stop sourcing service, from their initial design to final assembled products. Except for plastic, rubber molds and parts that can be finished in our own house, we also have our sub-contracted partners for providing membrane switches, custom cable assemblies, and die casting/ stamping mold of metal parts, with tight tolerance.